Monday, July 8, 2013

Final Grades: The Pretty Edition with some Miscellaneous Odds & Ends

# 61 Rick "Nasher" "Pretty Ricky" Nash

Dear Rick, I didn't know it was possible, but goalgasms are an actually thing...
these were dark chocolate with a glass of red wine and full "o" delightful:

MORE PLEASE! Love, Siobhan & Elissa

Dear Rick, 
Seriously. More.Please. Love, Siobhan & Elissa (and Ranger fans everywhere)

Dear Rick, At first people were really upset that Dubinsky and Anisimov were traded and there was tons o' angst they resembled this:
and this blogging duo was all
and then stuff like this happened:
and our smiles were reflective of your smile here:
Glad to have you as a Ranger Nasher! Love, Siobhan & Elissa (though, more goals please! :))

Dear Nasher, Your face here is reflective of how we all feel sometimes with John, 
love NYR fans

Dear Rick, Thanks for making me look good, looking forward to next season..
love, Derek

Dear Rick, 

Sorry, got a little distracted by the pretty....once again reminded this is "Final Grades for the Rangers" not a blog post of how deliciously gorgeous Rick Nash and his goalgasms are...Ahem, 

Dear Rick, Were you totally surprised when we traded Gaborik and brought half of the Blue Jackets back? Like, was this your reaction:

love, Glen

Final Grade: 

#62 Carl "Hags" Hagelin

Dear Carl, What is your opinion of this:

Dear Hags, Nice try kid,
 but I will always be the King of flow,
love, Hank
Dear Carl, When did this happen?
love, Female Rangers Fans

Dear Hags, Does this face describe your feelings towards the NYR PP?

Dear Carl, Is there a reason you make this all the time..? 
love NYR Fans

Final Grade: 

 #38 Michael Sauer

#41 Stu Bickel

Dear Stu, Thanks for the greatest photoshop....

Final Grade: 

#97 Matt Gilroy
just kidding, that's only where he plays

Final Grade: 

Coaching Staff & Front Office

John "Torts" Tortorella

Final Grade:

Mike "Sully" Sullivan

Final Grade:

Benoit "Benny" Allaire

Final Grade:

Jim Schoenfeld

Final Grade:

Glen Sather

Final Grade: