Friday, May 31, 2013

Report Card: #10 Thank you Gaby

#10 Marian “Gaby” Gaborik
Traded April 3, 2013

Dear Gaby, We will miss these, uberly 
Love NYR Fans

Dear Gaby, I miss you boo,
 love Brad

Dear Gaby, Please don’t terrorize me too much next season,
 love Hank

Dear Gaby,
 Drink up! love NYR Fans

Dear Gaby, We missed you …a lot…
love NYR Fans watching the Boston Series

Dear Gaby, No seriously,
 love Siobhan

Dear Gaby, My heart…
 without you here, love Hank

Dear Gaby, 

Love NYR Fans

Dear Gaby (#Lumbus, Dubi and Artie)

Love Siobhan and Elissa

Dear Gaby,


Love NYR Fans

Final Grade: 


Dear Hank, 
                                                  Can't wait to do this again, love Gaby

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Final Grades #4-8

Like every good blog for their favorite hockey team, final grades are a must for the season's finish. We decided to make sure each player got the time and attention they deserve and will address each in jersey number order in small groups each post. Enjoy!

#4 Michael “DZ” Del Zotto

  Dear Michael, Your grade for this comment, 
is A+ in sarcasm, F for it being the TRUTH and doing nothing about it, love Hank and the Fans

 Dear Michael, 
"this is how we do it" usually means that you show up for 60 minutes a night. Or does this “it” refer to sloppy first periods, lackadaisical second periods and wake up call third periods?. love, the Fans

 Dear Michael, When you try and pinch or when you try and do one of those “lovely” cross ice passes which you magically think will be missed by the 4 other opposing team skaters, well 
love, Fans

 Dear Michael, No matter what happens this off season, this will always be us
 Love, Brian 

Dear Michael, 

Love, Teenage Girl Ranger Fans

Dear Ladies of NY, 
Love, Michael

Dear Michael, Next year, can you hit the net? 
 <3 Sam Rosen, who is tired of saying "Del Zotto shoots wide"

Final Grade:

# 5 Dan "G" Girardi 

 Dear Dan, I’m sincerely hoping that 75% of your play in the Bruins series was because you were exhausted and missed your regular D partner..because if not,
love, Siobhan

 Dear Dan, This is not an excuse for failing to cover your man in the Boston series,
love, the Fans

Dear Dan,  
 your blue steel impersonation is scary, love the Media

 Dear Dan, thanks for being one of the only guys to show up on the PP,

 that was nice, love the fans *sticktap to @BlkNBlueShirts for the heads up on the wrong gif, we fixed it showing BOTH times Danny scored on the PP...which may have been the only time the Rangers scored....... ;)

 Dear Dan, This was awesome 

love the Fans from every team but Pittsburgh

 Dear Dan,
 love Cally

 Dear Dan, This is our reaction every time you block a shot
 <3 The viewers...and Pierre McGuire

Dear Dan, I'm ready with the ice packs. Love, Rammer

Dear Dan, Always more of this 

Dear Dan, We love it when you do this 
 Love, Ranger fans everywhere

Dear Dan, we love you like this,
 love Ranger Fans

Dear Dan, to put it simply, we love you, the Fans … 

Final Grade:

#6 Anton "Strallsy" Stralman

 Dear Anton, could you please explain this v-neck, 
 love Siobhan & Hank

Dear Anton, I'm thrilled it was your shoulder that was injured and not your head. <3 Elissa

Dear Anton, When you got hurt in the Boston series, this was us
love NYR Fans & Teammates

Dear Anton, Last year you had a great playoffs, so I was happy when we re-signed you.  Your regular season was okay, but this years playoffs made me feel like this 

Love, Elissa

Dear Anton, I’m sorry I almost killed you here,
love Cally

Dear Anton, Please bring this evil smile/laugh back next season in top form,
 love NYR Fans

Final Grade:

# 8 Darroll "No Nickname" Powe

Dear Darroll, it would be nice you didn't spend next season like this.
love, Your Brain

Dear Darroll, When you first got traded and took away Rupp (a gif. machine) I felt


 and then you got hurt 

so here’s a healthy season, next season, love Siobhan & NYR Fans

Dear Darroll,  
 Love, Brian and Michael

Final Grade: