Friday, April 25, 2014

Eastern Conference Quarters Game 4

Game four NYR leads the series 2-1 and Giroux declared the Flyers would win this game..... it's on.

So far the Rangers are 2-0 when we send them love we are doing our part, Rangers our message to you:

Dear Ryan, us too

love Elissa, Siobhan & the rest of the fan base

Dear Henrik, Can we please see this tonight?

Dear Benny, During Game 3, you took a lot of bad penalties.

Don't do that again. Love, Elissa

Dear Boyler, when you get a breakaway, this how I feel

love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers, when you take dumb penalties or forget to play YOUR game and control the cycle

love, Siobhan

Dear Refs, sometimes when you forget to call a penalty or do call a BS penalty we are all feeling
love, NHL Fans, Players and Coaches

Dear Rangers, We are going to need you to do this to the Flyers hopes and chances of tying up the series
you know crush their manhood and make them failures at life and the game. love, Siobhan

Dear Hank, Just in case your D forget to cover their men..we are going to need you to have this attitude
love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers PK, we are going to need you to make the Flyers PP look something akin to this:
Thank you! Love, Rangers Fan base and the player in the sin bin

Dear Rangers, Listen, if the Philly scores first, or they get a couple of goals..please remember there is a lot of hockey to play and you need to resemble this
Calm and collected through the shit storm knowing it WILL get better and you can win the game.
Love, NY Ranger Fans

Dear Rangers Defensemen and Hank,
We are going to need you to do this to the Flyers attempts at scoring
Love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers forwards, we are going to need your game to resemble that of the player in purple
love Siobhan

Either way, this will be the authors of this blog tonight

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eastern Conference Quarters Game 3

Dear Rangers,  I'm going to need you to do this tonight:
As in, no is expecting it but holy hell is it awesome.
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers, When you let Philly cycle the puck and you forget your game...well, tonight and at least for another two games thereafter
<3 Rangers fans' sanity

Dear Ranger Fans, When you get a little too cocky after one win or two goals early in the game
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers,
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers Forwards and Defenseme,
When we talk about covering your man in the defensive zone..this cannot be your response:
<3 AV and Staff

Dear Hank, The Flyers are Lilly...I am going to need you to be what she encounters:
<3 Siobhan

Dear Danny, Mac, Marc, Anton, John and Kevin,
The Flyers are the dude on the bike, I am going to need to you be what he encounters:
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers forwards, this MUST be you tonight <3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers, Make the Flyers feel like Dug
<3 Elissa

Dear Rangers, Your motto in case you forgot:

<3 Siobhan

Ultimately, this will be the authors of this site this evening

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear Rangers...2014 Eastern Conference Round One...

Playoffs Round One, a familiar foe for the New York Rangers and so, the geniuses behind this blog thought perhaps a love letter/wish list to our beloved Blueshirts was required, just in case they needed a gentle reminder that it's imperative they come out playing the game we know they can play.

First up, seen on Tumblr, this amazing graphic:

Toward that end, Dear Hockey Gods, If this is supposed to represent our odds...I will take the pissed off lady with a fiery torch over the steroid taking neanderthal every.single.time. Bitches get stuff done..let alone angry, green ones with a lit torch. Go RANGERS! love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers, this about sums up my feelings prior to the puck drop tonight:

Please make sure you are more like this the second puck drops:

Thanks a bunch in advance! Love, Rangers Fans 

Dear Rangers Power Play, Please keep this motto:
when dumb fans scream shoot the puck and somehow you think that's a good idea even though it merely directs said puck "wide" or into the chest of the opposing team.

Dear Hank, Danny, Mac, Marc, Stralsy, Kleiner and D-core,
I'm gonna need you all to inspire this:
whenever the Flyers' skates hit the in every minute of every period until you defeat their will to win, their hope in victory and their ability to make it to the next round.
Thanks in advance,

Dear AV and Coaching Staff, 
This CANNOT be your response to special teams this series:

Thanks in advance, NYR Fans

Dear Mr. Carcillo and Mr. Dorsett
We are going to dearly need this attitude from you 
 for any idiotic things said or done by the Philthadelphia Flyers towards your teammates.
Thank you,

Dear Marty,
There has been a lot of shit talking that you aren't nearly as much of the goal producing machine you were prior to arriving on the sweet NY soil, toward that end, I ask that you keep playing your game (which has been awesome) and when you do your thing in the playoffs, like you've been known to do, you can look at the haters and go
and know that there have been garden faithful who have loved you even more the moment you demanded a trade to our city and the moment you put that red, white and blue jersey on with pride.
Love, Siobhan and Elissa

Dear Hank,
Please keep this thought of even thinking about having to score a goal on you in each Flyers' head:

Dear Rangers,

We are hoping for a TON of this:


THANKS! LOVE, All Rangers Fans

Overall, buckle up, it is going to be quite a series and this perfectly defines how we authors will be dealing with it: