Wednesday, June 4, 2014


So readers, if you are anything like these bloggers, right now you must feel like:

but remember, we have 

so grab a drink...or 20...and hold on tight for what's going to be a crazy ride.

Dear Henrik,

Remember this guy 
Treat him like the Bell Centre demons...exorcise it.

Love, Elissa

Dear Dan,
If for some odd reason, you get to play in this series, remember this 

and do it again.
Love, Elissa

Dear Rangers,
Don't let this happen again

Love, your entire fanbase

Dear NYR
needs to be you all every shift, every game....because we believe in you too.
love, Siobhan, Elissa and the fanbase

Dear Benny,
Please don't inspire these dear bloggers to say things like this:

because you took a dumb dumb penalty..again..unless you score 2 goals for every dumb penalty and we win the game..then we will think about taking you out of the doghouse...
love, Siobhan and Elissa

Dear Rangers,
Love, Siobhan

Dear Brass,
Lots of this...

Love Siobhan

Dear Hank,
We are going to need you to play like this
like, when everyone thinks all is lost you make that last minute save that lets the party keep going without any tears.
love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers,
This needs to be your attitude about everyone picking the Kings to win
love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers,
Your effort in the first game, cannot resemble this:
love, Siobhan

Dear Rick,
Yeah..and I love it when you score sick, dirty goals..... 

we'll get ya the tickets to If/Then if you SHOW UP LIKE A POWERHOUSE OFFENSIVE MACHINE this series.
love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers defensemen...if you could make the Kings forwards look like the Blues here..
Thanks, Siobhan

But really, we are stoked to be here..we want to vomit...definitely feel like this:

and will be rocking like this all night long: