Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eastern Conference Quarters Game 3

Dear Rangers,  I'm going to need you to do this tonight:
As in, no is expecting it but holy hell is it awesome.
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers, When you let Philly cycle the puck and you forget your game...well, tonight and at least for another two games thereafter
<3 Rangers fans' sanity

Dear Ranger Fans, When you get a little too cocky after one win or two goals early in the game
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers,
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers Forwards and Defenseme,
When we talk about covering your man in the defensive zone..this cannot be your response:
<3 AV and Staff

Dear Hank, The Flyers are Lilly...I am going to need you to be what she encounters:
<3 Siobhan

Dear Danny, Mac, Marc, Anton, John and Kevin,
The Flyers are the dude on the bike, I am going to need to you be what he encounters:
<3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers forwards, this MUST be you tonight
https://vine.co/v/MiAMY06TDUY <3 Siobhan

Dear Rangers, Make the Flyers feel like Dug
<3 Elissa

Dear Rangers, Your motto in case you forgot:

<3 Siobhan

Ultimately, this will be the authors of this site this evening

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