Friday, April 25, 2014

Eastern Conference Quarters Game 4

Game four NYR leads the series 2-1 and Giroux declared the Flyers would win this game..... it's on.

So far the Rangers are 2-0 when we send them love we are doing our part, Rangers our message to you:

Dear Ryan, us too

love Elissa, Siobhan & the rest of the fan base

Dear Henrik, Can we please see this tonight?

Dear Benny, During Game 3, you took a lot of bad penalties.

Don't do that again. Love, Elissa

Dear Boyler, when you get a breakaway, this how I feel

love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers, when you take dumb penalties or forget to play YOUR game and control the cycle

love, Siobhan

Dear Refs, sometimes when you forget to call a penalty or do call a BS penalty we are all feeling
love, NHL Fans, Players and Coaches

Dear Rangers, We are going to need you to do this to the Flyers hopes and chances of tying up the series
you know crush their manhood and make them failures at life and the game. love, Siobhan

Dear Hank, Just in case your D forget to cover their men..we are going to need you to have this attitude
love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers PK, we are going to need you to make the Flyers PP look something akin to this:
Thank you! Love, Rangers Fan base and the player in the sin bin

Dear Rangers, Listen, if the Philly scores first, or they get a couple of goals..please remember there is a lot of hockey to play and you need to resemble this
Calm and collected through the shit storm knowing it WILL get better and you can win the game.
Love, NY Ranger Fans

Dear Rangers Defensemen and Hank,
We are going to need you to do this to the Flyers attempts at scoring
Love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers forwards, we are going to need your game to resemble that of the player in purple
love Siobhan

Either way, this will be the authors of this blog tonight

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