Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eastern Conference Finals JUST ONE and ITS ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER.....i.e. Dear Rangers please save us the cost of heart medication

So, we've been a little MIA. Mostly because, well, the heart palpitations and blood pressure have been all over the place with this latest series. But here we are, all the Blueshirts need is one get into...*gulp* Stanley Cup Final.. these authors cannot, we are going to focus on what we do best (besides, the law, snark and being awesome)....

Dear Rangers,
Please God do not make Game 6 inspire the following:
Love, Siobhan and the Cardiologist she may need to hire after these games

Dear Drs. Briere and Gallagher,
love, Elissa (and Derek Stepan)

Dear Rangers,
We desperately....desperately need to see this tonight:

love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers,
I would love to see this look all night tonight on this man's face:
love, Siobhan

Dear Prust,
Since your back...
love Rangers nation and god willing the refs in this game

Dear Rangers,
Montreal thinks their swagger is back....they expect you to fumble again..this must be your response:
love, Rangers Nation

Dear Rangers,
The penalties....
please please be careful because as Peter has warned:
play above it all...keep your sticks down, watch out for diving Canadiens and hope the PK doesn't have to play another 40 minute game.
love, Siobhan

...on that note

Dear Benny,
This is our reaction every single time...
so stop.
Love, Elissa

Dear Canadiens (ATTN: Tomas Plekanec),

love, the refs

Dear Rick,
More of this
Less of this
love, Elissa

Dear Rangers,
Remember the team that beat Pittsburgh? Remember the team that handed Montreal their cocky asses the first game...and you had this attitude:

love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers,
We would like this to be us at about 10:30/11pm EST tonight
love, Siobhan, Elissa, and every other fan

Dear Marty,

Always this.

and, as per tradition, this will be your bloggers this evening:

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