Friday, May 9, 2014

Panic.Panic.Panic.. I mean Eastern Conference Round 2 Game Holy Crap WE NEED A WIN

So, this has been the the collective Ranger's fan base Round 2:

and this is how our star goaltender has felt this playoff series

This is how we all feel about what the hockey gods have done to this series:

so the ultimate...

Dear Rangers,

We need you to have this attitude about being down 3-1 to the flightless birds

because at the end of the day

so to all the haters and people who don't believe in you

to the overinflated Sidney-Crosby-loving media, fans and morons we say

Remember you got to this point of the season for a reason. Believe in yourselves in the men sitting in that locker room with you. Have fun. Play your game. Ignore the pressure, the hype, the doubt, just play.

And Dear Ranger Fans,

love, Siobhan

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