Monday, May 12, 2014

Proud to be a NY F$%KING Ranger. Elimination Day for one Team looms....

Making every shift count. Being there and sticking up for your teammates. Believing in every guy on the bench (and behind it)..gets you this

which makes me..

Speaking of..

Dear Derick and Marty,

 My heart has melted. Love, Elissa

Dear Rangers,
The way you have played the last two games makes me feel like:

Dear Sid, 
It's cute that you think you'll be effective by slashing, cross-checking, and spearing.
Love, Elissa (and Henrik's water bottle)

Dear Sid,
Hit the showers and hoped the extra water helped wash away your tears

Dear Sid,
I hope this depicts all your chances in game 7 perfectly


Dear Marty,

No, sir. THANK YOU. 
love, Ranger Nation

Dear Sid.
Why yes... 

you certainly are that aren't you? don't think you could have whined anymore..or should I say anyMOORE

Thanks Dom you are my hero!  love, Siobhan

Dear Penguins fans,

So you wonder why people don't like Crosby and call him Crybaby .....

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Cuz if anyone did that to him he'd been sobbing to the refs in a blink of an eye....demanding penalties and reparations....

Peace out,

Dear Rangers,
I am glad this was your motto last night

now make this your motto Wednesday night

love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers..Just remember always:


this may or may not (see, will definitely) be the two of us Tuesday night

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