Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#19 Report Card: How do we put this gently....

Since Dear Brad started with a gchat and inspired a blog post and then inspired Dear Rangers-Bradley Glenn Richards gets his own post...he also gave us a lot of material, so that adds to his need for a full post. Enjoy

#19 Brad "Richie" Richards
Formerly Broadway Brad

Dear Brad,
love, NYR Fans and New York Media

Dear Brad, Your season was so bad it took me a minute to understand that this:

 was you scoring a goal and you are showing your happiness and this was not you pouting about a cross ice pass that didn't work, a pass to the other team  and not you trying to get away from an angry mob of fans.
Not a good sign. Love, Siobhan

Dear Brad, Puts some clothes on and practice.
love Everyone

Dear Brad, Every time you "tried", we all were like
love Your Teammates

Dear Brad,
While you were all:
We were all:

love, NYR Fans

Dear Brad, What happened this season?
love Olympic Judges

Dear Brad, Your season was where the pug is, 
Escape before next season...
love, NYR Fans

Dear Brad, I'll make you play better for a week,
Love always, Patrick Kaleta

Dear Brad, You are the running man, the other animal (hint: not the horse) is the angry mob ready to hunt you down, 

Dear Brad, Step is the guy in front of the camera, your season is defined as the other guy...

Dear Brad, This should have been a clue,
love Your Teammates

Dear Brad, Just pretend every game is against Buffalo,
Love NYR Fans

Dear Brad, I know you scored your first hat trick this year, but I'll take any of your other 12 NHL seasons in a heartbeat. Love, Elissa

Dear Brad, Here is a summary of your season 
love Elissa

Dear Brad, How was the press box?
love, The Boston Bruins

Dear Brad, Not fun when father turns on first born son. Welcome to my world on the bench. Love, Marian

Dear Brad, Writing a birthday card to Glen won't help...

Dear Brad, Every time you were on the power play we all thought, 

love NYR Fans

Dear Brad, This did not happen as often as it should have this season, 
love Rick & Dolan's checkbook

Dear Brad, OooooOOoooh you scored A playoff goal. Go you.
love Hank

Dear Brad, 
Remember last year when you defined clutch goals, leadership and smart two way plays? All of New York was like:

Well this season it has been more like this:

Final Grade:

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