Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Report Card: Royal Edition

Since he played twice as hard as everyone on the team and he's royalty, the King gets his own post. We are also hopeful any and all sucking up will convince him to sign a lifetime contract (*at a reasonable rate). So that his reign over the Greatest City of them All continues. 

#30 Henrik "The King" "Hank" "Theonlyreasonwewingames" "Henke" Lundqivst


Oh Sorry, Elissa reminds me this is a Report Card and not a droolfest over how amazingly gorgeous and perfect our goaltender is..my bad.


Dear Henrik, Next Year, we promise: 
Love, Your Teammates 

Dear Henrik, You are welcome
love, The Playoff Post

Dear Hank, This broke my heart, 
love, Siobhan (& NYR Fans)

Dear Hank, 
Because making ridiculous saves, carrying the team on your shoulders and having every hair in place at all times wasn't enough of a challenge?
love, NYR Fans

Dear Hank, Sometimes when you play I think
love, Siobhan

Dear Hank,
Have your agent
Call me. So I can call my banker to make sure we 

We shall keep you, I mean give you a contract for :

love, James Dolan, Glen Sather & NYR Organization 

Dear Henrik, I hope you have a good chiropractor because after the past few seasons your back must be hurting. 
love, the rest of the team

Dear Henrik, This BETTER be about your new contract 
love, Siobhan

Dear Henrik, Even Steven knows what's up:
love, Women NHL Fans, Women in general

Dear Henrik, 
and so does the rest of the world,
love Siobhan & Elissa

Dear Hank, Are you a Disney Prince? 

Sorry, um, got distracted again. Grades, they tell me I'm supposed to grade the Royalty of Madison Square Garden and the Kingdom of Sweden.


Dear Hank, When certain fan bases say you're overrated I always respond:
love, Reality and Siobhan

Dear Hank, All your comments that hint at you not being a lifelong Rangers induce this:
What I'm trying to say, is dear sweet King, please don't leave us. 
love, Siobhan

Final Grade:

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