Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final Grades #14-18

#14 Taylor "Pyzee" Pyatt

Dear Taylor, Thanks for giving us a little bit of hope here:
Love, NYR Fans

Dear Taylor, How did you know what your future held?
PS-Wishful thinking Tom

love, NYR Fans

Dear Taylor,
I'm sorry, what was I saying, I got..umm...distracted, love Siobhan

Dear Taylor, Lets work on having more games where you deserve this next season,
 love NYR Fans

Dear Taylor, 
love, Biz

Dear Taylor, Whatcha looking for there....some goals?
Because that would have been helpful ya know, anytime this season/playoffs love, Hank

Final Grade:

#15 Derek "Dors on the Rocks*" Dorsett
*We made this nickname up because poor forgotten child doesn't have one with the team.
Yep, that about sums up your career with the Rangers so far....

Dear Derek, Thank you for this fantastic gif.
 love, Elissa & Siobhan

Dear Derek, You took some really dumb penalties in the playoffs, which made us feel
 but other than that, you mostly made us feel like,
Here is to hoping a new coach and a new season will make you and us a little more excited that your on the team, love NYR Fans

Final Grade:
Much like this gif, you didn't give us anything to even complete a sentence or grade for, so that's well a positive for not being a complete negative?

#16 Derick "Brass" Brassard

Dear Derick, Thanks for the Washington series,
love NYR Fans & Hank

Dear Derick, We want more of these next season,
Thanks. Love, NYR Fans (& Hank)

Dear Derick, Thank you for making the Gaby trade not feel like a complete fleecing,
love NYR Fans

Dear Derick, I approve of your suit choice,
love Hank PS Never take fashion advice from Zucc

Dear Derick, Why was it the rest of the season and the Washington series you were playing
 and then against the Bruins we were kinda like,
love, NYR Fans

Final Grade:

Since everyone not named Hank or McD shat the bed in Boston too, we are grading on potential of a full season under a new coach.

#17 John "Moorsey" Moore

Because this is actually how young you look, even now.
Dear John, Are you the lost member of a boyband? 
 love Elissa & Siobhan

Dear John,
& we believe in you and your potential. Love, NYR Fans

Dear John, That first fight was pretty awesome too,
love Siobhan

Dear John, When you were first traded and we lost Gaby we all were kinda
 but now that we have seen you play and see the potential we are more
love, NYR Fans

Final Grade:

#18 Marc "Staalsie" Staal

Dear Marc, We may need to wrap you in bubble wrap because every time you get hurt we are
 love NYR Fans (& Hank, G and MacTruck)

Dear Marc, We missed moments like these in the playoffs, 
love, NYR Fans & Hank

Dear Marc, Way to ruin the moment, bro,
love Jared, Jordan & Eric

Dear Marc, DUH-
love, NYR Fans, Lindsay & Linda

Dear Marc,
If you could be a healthy and
for a full season and playoffs that'd be 
Love, NYR Fans, Glen Sather's checkbook, Hank and Danny & MacTruck's tired legs from having to cover your effing shifts

Final Grade:

Just get better, that's all we are focusing on now.

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