Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Final Grades #20, 21 & 22

#20 Chris "Kreids" Kreider

Dear Chris, I'm sorry, but keeping you in the NHL this January kind of seems like, 

love, Your Development

Dear Chris, Remember that OT goal against Boston? 

Love, Hopeful Fans

Dear Torts,

love, Chris *Yes there was a Dear Torts section, but poor child got deprived development, so we are letting the anguish come through here.

Dear Chris,

love, Fans who still believe

Dear Chris, 

Don't let Tort's juggling of your career mess up your potential
Love, Siobhan

Dear Chris, Hopefully next season you don't feel this:

love, NYR Fans

Dear Chris, I can haz this in the near future?

love Siobhan

Final Grade:

We still haven't seen a full season, so here is to 2013-2014!

#21 Derek "Step" Stepan

Dear Derek, During the regular season you made us:

then in the playoffs:
Why? Love, Inquiring Minds

Dear Derek, These were my feelings post-season with reference to your play:

love, Siobhan (PS I still LOVE YOU---PLZ SIGN CONTRACT ASAP!)

Dear Derek, You should have won the McDonald Award instead of Cally--you put in much more effort this season and were often the only one on offense who showed up. Love, Elissa, cosigned Siobhan

Dear Derek, Imagine if you could bring your regular season game to the same level during the playoffs? We'd all be like: 
love, Elissa & Siobhan

Dear Regular Season Derek, 

love, Fans who pay attention to you

Dear Playoff Derek,

love, Regular Season Derek

Dear Regular Season Derek,

Love, Playoff Hank

Dear Derek, this 

makes me feel like:

love, Siobhan

Dear Derek, This was pretty freaking awesome:

love, NYR Fans

Final Grade:

#22 Brian "Boyler" Boyle

Dear Brian, Why didn't your mom pray for goals THIS season? Love, Inquiring Minds

Dear Brian, This is not the answer to explain why you couldn't find the back of the net:

love, NYR Fans

Dear Brian, 

Love, Your Old Friend Brandon

Dear Brian, When you're in the press box:

love, Matt

Dear Brian, When you shoot the puck, its:
Can you fix that? Love, Hank & the Fans

Dear Brian, this is how we feel when people say your not good and you are not hot,

Love, TeamFanGirlBoyle

Dear Brian,

love, Girls

Dear Brian, This can't be your response when coaches ask you to use your height and size to your advantage against the opponent:

love, NYR Fans & The Next NYR Coach

Dear Brian, I'm sorry I'm sharing this video of you from the day Prust signed with Montreal:

love, Elissa

Dear Brian, 
love, Zucs (P.S. Sorry DZ and I didn't bring you on vacation.)

Dear Brian, You are a hockey player, not a bowling ball.

love, Siobhan

Final Grade:

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