Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Grades: The Ryan(s) Report #24, 27 & 29

# 29 Ryan 'Cally' Callahan

Dear Ryan, Your new logo

love, NYR

Dear El Captain, Everyone thinks your perfect but,
love, Fans who have watched you closely this whole season

Dear Ryan, 
 love America

Dear Ryan, 
I can't tell whether you are talking about the fans' feelings towards the lockout or the team's (minus a select few players) performance during the playoffs..
Could you clarify? Thanks. Love, Siobhan
Dear Ryan, You are the peanut butter to my proverbial jelly.

love, Dan

Dear Ryan, I love how when Gregory Campbell blocked the shot and broke his leg and kept playing, everyone oohed and ahhed and said "that's playoff hockey". Apparently they haven't been watching you play for the past few seasons..cuz that's not playoff hockey that's NYR/Callahan hockey. love, NYR Fans

Dear Ryan, That was awesome
Thanks for giving us a little bit of hope. Love, NYR Fans

Dear Ryan, I always loved your "jam". Good luck.

love, Torts 

Dear Ryan and all NYR Penalty Killers,
Penalty killing is much easier with a stick.
love, Elissa

Dear Ryan,
Is there something in your skates that defies gravity?

Curious. Love, Siobhan & Opposing Team Goalies

Dear Ryan, Sometimes when you over embellish or immediately go to the refs, I feel like
love, Siobhan

Dear Ryan, 

this season...but I was kinda hoping for the kid who defined the Rangers 'style' who showed up every night and never took a shift off..and even if he wasn't putting up numbers, you knew he was on the ice because he played so smart I kinda felt like this all season
love, Siobhan

Dear Ryan, Next Season...

love, Elissa /Cosigned Siobhan

Dear Ryan, I know those were some harsh letters, but I think with the half season the team lost its way. If anyone can right this ship, it is you (and Hank). So get some rest this summer and hopefully in 2013-2014 you'll be back to your usual 'like a boss'-self.

love, Siobhan 

Final Grade:

It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great. Basically, the entirety of NYR's 2013 Season

#29 Ryan 'Mac Truck' McDonagh

Dear Ryan,

When people look at us..
love, Derek

Dear Ryan,
After pulling double duty, playing like you were the only one showing up (which minus for Hank, you kinda were) please spend some time this summer doing this... (besides the wedding)... 
love, Siobhan & the NYR Fans

Dear Ryan, You defensively complete me.

love Dan

Dear Ryan, Your total badassery (new word, just for you) and ability to just show up night in and night out,

makes you the easiest of all to love (except for maybe Hank (this is apparently this websites/team's theme)). Please love us in return and sign a contract for the rest of your life and for the lives of your unborn children...Landon will need a defensive partner....
love, Siobhan

Dear Ryan, When you are not paired with Dan, we mostly feel like this,

Love, NYR Fans

Dear Ryan, When you take a penalty and therefore can't be on the kill...
love, the Fans, Hank, Dan and *InsertRangersCoachHere*

Dear Ryan, When you took that penalty in overtime against Washington in OT, this is how we all felt
then we saw your face after the game and it was

love, Elissa &Siobhan 

Final Grade:


#29 Ryane "Clowey" "Extra E"* Clowe
*We made this up.

Dear Ryane, 
love, Your Head

Dear Ryane, Remember when you like took it to Pittsburgh after not scoring a goal the entire season (felt like it) in San on your first night as a Ranger?
Yeah, that was awesome.

No really, it was freaking amazing.
love, NYR Fans & All those who Hate Pittsburgh (the restofthenhlfanbase)

Dear Ryane,
When your scored in your first game as a Ranger, this happened in our locker room

love,  The Sharks

Dear Ryane, We didn't see nearly enough of this:

love, Siobhan & Elissa

Dear Ryane, When you first got traded to NYR we thought

love, NYR Fans

Dear Ryane, 
Our feelings when you got injured and the team didn't get to have your skill and experience during the playoffs
love, NYR

Dear Ryane, If this is your thought processes for Free Agency

Thanks for memories. Love, Siobhan

Final Grade:

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