Friday, May 17, 2013

Post Game Recap: Eastern Conference Semi Finals, Game 1

Dear Pierre, STFU and go away. love, America and Torts

Dear Ryan, Didn’t Dion teach you not to pinch in OT? <3 April Reimer

Dear NYR, If I didn’t do my job, I’d get fired. Wake up for Game 2 please. Love, Angry Siobhan

Dear Brad, I've missed you buddy. Where have you been? Love, the Back of the Net

Dear Rangers Defensemen, do you need me? Love, Bubblewrap

Dear Derek, It was nice to see you, where’d you go now? <3 the fans

Dear Dan, Thanks for letting me skate around you. Your Pal, Brad Marchand

Dear Rangers, It hurts when Chara does that. Love always, The Puck.

Dear Anton, I’m sorry for leaving you alone with two sneaky players. Love, Ryan

Dear Hank, I have the perfect song for you, love Celine Dion ("aaallll by myyyyyyselfffff)

Dear Short Norwegian, Yeah, good luck with that. Love, Brad Marchand

Dear Joe Michelitti, I never thought I'd say this, but we miss you and love you, and need you back, love Rangers fans

Dear Johnny, Its not a good idea to pinch when no one is covering for you, Love Sully

Dear Derek D, Welcome to the bench for dumb penalties, love Torts

Dear Taylor, welcome to where stupid plays come to die. Love, the Penalty Box

Letters from Henrik

Dear Rangers, its usually a 60 minute game, but when it goes to overtime that means you play until someone scores. Emphasis on PLAY. love, Hank and NYR fans

Dear Teammates, I know I’m basically perfect, but really…I can’t do it ALL myself. Love, Henrik

Dear Forwards, Can you go bother Tuukka for a few, I need a rest. Love, Henrik

Dear Teammates, They call me the King, that makes you the subjects. Respect your betters and actually help a guy out, will ya? love, Hank

Dear Rangers, why can't I have nice things, like a couple of goals lead? love, Hank and NYR fans

Leave us some love! Let us know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see more of.  We're gonna try to do this after every game and then during the off season when things happen.

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