Friday, May 24, 2013

Post Game Recap: Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, Game 4

Dear Brad, I'm sorry, it was a tough decision <3 Torts

Dear Torts, See what happens when I get minutes with talented players? <3 Chris

Dear Regular Season Derek, Welcome to the postseason <3 The Fans

Dear Rangers, When you went down 0-2, I felt like this
 but then I felt like this

Dear Newbs, This is what we think of your penalties
 Love, the Fans

Dear Bruins,
 Love, The Rangers (please fix this and hit harder)

Dear Overtime,
 Love, Elissa

Dear Game 6, We're ready

Dear Brian, When people were like the Rangers PP sucks, we were all like
and then you scored on the PP and we were all like
we love you, NYR Fans

Dear Tuuka, Sometimes this,
isn’t enough. Love the Rangers version Game 1, 2, 3

Dear Rangers not named Henrik, Until Carl scored, we were all wondering…
, love NYR Fans and anyone watching this series

Dear Chara, I know it’s a tall order to close out the series, but I appreciate the giveaway,
love Derek

Dear Rangers fans, you bitched about Richie being out, called foul when he got scratched, noted it when we went down 0-2, thought Torts should be fired, then we won and he’s a god again and Richie being scratched was the right move and Torts is an ass for defending his decision,
love, Rational Fans

Dear Rangers PK,
sharpen up for the next one, love Torts

Dear Rangers, Could we not play only 1 period well and the other like this is going through your mind,
love Fans, Hank, Torts

Dear Tuuka, Thanks for the memories, love Carl & Derek….

Dear Rangers, My thoughts after you went down 0-2, 
my thoughts when Carl scored
then Steps scored and I thought
then the Bruins scored and it was like
then Boyler scored on the PP!!!! and it was like
 then we went to overtime 
and then Kreider scored and it was all 

Dear Team,
love Chris

Dear Rangers, How I feel about your effort in the 3rdand OT,
love, Siobhan

Dear Teammates,
what do you do? Love, Hank

Dear Torts,
love Brad

Dear Rangers,
love NYR Fans

Dear Brad
, but
Love, Torts

Dear Torts,
love Brad

Dear Rangers, When you play like you want to win,…
love NYR fans

Dear Tuuka,
love Carl and Derek

Dear Tuukka, Thank you for this


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