Friday, May 31, 2013

Report Card: #10 Thank you Gaby

#10 Marian “Gaby” Gaborik
Traded April 3, 2013

Dear Gaby, We will miss these, uberly 
Love NYR Fans

Dear Gaby, I miss you boo,
 love Brad

Dear Gaby, Please don’t terrorize me too much next season,
 love Hank

Dear Gaby,
 Drink up! love NYR Fans

Dear Gaby, We missed you …a lot…
love NYR Fans watching the Boston Series

Dear Gaby, No seriously,
 love Siobhan

Dear Gaby, My heart…
 without you here, love Hank

Dear Gaby, 

Love NYR Fans

Dear Gaby (#Lumbus, Dubi and Artie)

Love Siobhan and Elissa

Dear Gaby,


Love NYR Fans

Final Grade: 


Dear Hank, 
                                                  Can't wait to do this again, love Gaby

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