Monday, May 20, 2013

Post Game Recap: Eastern Conference Semi Finals, Game 2

Due to frustration, this is a little late and Siobhan found some great gifs to include.

Dear Cally, Thank you for skating with the puck. <3 The Fans

Dear Tuukka, Thanks, I do that move every time. <3 Ryan Callahan

Dear Derick, We don’t want the penalty, you don’t have to try so hard to draw it. <3 Anyone who watches the Rangers power play

Dear Carl, You stink on the power play <3 Torts

Dear Chris, When you pass the puck outside the zone, you don’t go in. <3 The Refs

Dear Pierre, “More happy?” I believe it’s “happier” <3 Grammar


Dear Pretty Rick, That was fantastic. Do it again please? Love, NYR Nation

Dear NYR, Shots on goal are a fantastic thing, love,

Dear Brad,
love Siobhan

Dear Pierre, this is how we feel about you:
love, Hockey Fans Around the world

Dear Torts,
love NYR Fans

Dear Teammates, This is your A game?
love Hank

Dear NYR PP,
love NYR Fans

Dear 3rd Period Rangers,
love Siobhan

Dear NBC Announcers, We get it. You love Boston. That’s fan-freaking tastic, until Pittsburgh comes along. Get the slobber off your chin and as opposed to saying “Seguin” is really starting to “come on”, pay attention to the game. Love, Hockey Fans

Dear Danny and MacTruck, I know you guys are getting tired, but could you freaking buck up and cover your man when he’s standing in front of me? Love Hank

Dear Team, It’d be all kinds of awesome if you showed up to the next game, love Cally, Rick and Hank

Dear Hank,
love NYR Fans

Dear Refs, can we just politely decline? Love NYR PP

Dear Rangers, this is the equivalent to your PP and overall play the past two games,
love Siobhan

Dear Ryane & Ginger Staal,
please we can haz you back soon? Love Ranger Nation

All .gifs credited to tumblr users. 

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