Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pre Game: Eastern Conference Semi Finals: Game 3

Dear Rangers, 60 minutes. If there's overtime, then keep playing until YOU score. <3 The Fans

Dear Rangers,It usually starts out ok, we start to feel good, we think we are walking the line of awesome..and then it happens,
 Try and avoid that. K? Love NYR Fans

Dear Brad, Anytime you’d like to show up would be amazing. No really, it’d be f&#king amazing. Love, Torts 

Dear Rangers, So, I was thinking...why not..try shooting on goal during the PP....
.....No you are right, its a dumb idea...
 Love, NYR Fans' sanity

Dear PP Units, It would be helpful if your initial rush on the PP didn’t resemble this:
 Love, Torts

Dear Torts, I’d appreciate it if your game plan looked a little better then Carlyle’s…Love, Siobhan

Dear Rangers, Please put a little more effort into period 3 then this,
 Love NYR Fans

Dear Rangers, When Marchand starts talking, respond accordingly  
love NYR Faithful

Dear Brass and Johnny Moore, Remember when you first got traded to NYR and you played like beasts because you didn’t care----find the don’t care and play like bosses. Love, Torts

Dear DZ,
 love NYR fans & Hanks

Dear Rangers, Guys, just think, remember when you became goal scoring savages, I mean, really
 it’s addictive, don’t you want more? Love, Hank, Torts, Rangers Nation

Dear Hank, we’re going to need you to stand on your head, play out of your mind and we’ll try really hard to put some pucks in the net. But, yeah, we really really need your help here. Love, Your Teammates

Dear G and MacTruck, enter beastmode, full game….can you feel it…Love, Hank

And to all the non believers, who don’t think we can come back from this: I say:


Believe or drink, whichever works best for you, it’s a free world.

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